Please note that the app and the product are still in the beta testing phase and are being improved based on the customer’s feedback. It’s not always available for fast delivery … So If you like the product, you can pre-order it from the app or the website, and wait for us to call you.

Basic Kit

for an easy start.

The small kit has contains a smart number of parts to maximize flexibility. If you need some personal storage space but you’re not sure about the layout, this is the right kit for you, where you can start with the basics and upgrade later.


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Medium Kit

Twice as large as the basic kit

The medium kit has twice the number of parts of the small kit, which will also give you a lot of flexibility and more storage space.


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Use the app to customize it the way you want

You can use our app, available on the web, android and iOS, to design what you have in mind very easily simply by configuring and customizing the modular parts, then view what you’re designing in augmented reality, and once you like it, you can place your order.

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