Here’s How

easy, customizable, flexible … modeo is a modular furniture solution that allows you to create custom furniture quickly, then modify it, move it and upgrade it anytime as much as you want, like if you’re playing Lego.

Basic elements

modeo is based on moduar parts that are ready to be assembled very easily, without tools or skills. The parts are available in different materials and colors. they snap fit together very easily to create furniture around the house or office.

Mobile app

You can use mobile app, available on android and iOS, to design what you have in mind very easily simply by configuring and customizing the modular parts, then view what you’re designing in augmented reality, and once you like it, you can place your order directly from the app.

Ready Kits

If you’re not sure what you want exactly, you can visit our online shop for ready-made kits, that you can quickly get as a starting point, depending on your budget. then you can upgrade them when needed

Additional accessories

with extra accessories, you can give them a special character or additional features. for example, you can add legs or wheels to the cabinets, or even cloth covers that allows you to use modeo structures as modular sofas… the system is scalable, it allows the development of new features over time.

Easy to carry on

Modeo is delivered in a  fabric strap package holder, which can be easily stored for later use, and avoid using disposable boxes. attachable wheels are also an option for easier transportation. small sized packages makes them easy to fit in a normal car.

Modeo goes and grows with you

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